Due to logistical reasons, we have decided to change the date of #PALS2019. We will announce the new date as soon as it will be set.
The Polish-American Leadership Summit: #PALS is the most important event dedicated to bilateral economic relations in 2019 and the first initiative with direct involvement from Polish political and business leadership.

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#PALS 2019 is the second edition of the leading conference on Transatlantic economic relations. This year, we invite you to join over 400 business and political leaders from 3Seas region, who will convene in New York City between 5th and 8th of June, to forge the future of economic ties between Poland and the entire 3 Seas Region.


The agenda #PALS2019 is robust, business-oriented and designed for networking, featuring five formats:

RTMx Sessions
Over 20 presentations delivered by industry and administration leaders (plenary room, breakout rooms).
Panels Sessions
5 panels featuring heavyweights of the Polish-American cooperation, who will set the tone for #PALS2019.
B2B and B2G sessions
hematic meetings, tailor-made for those on the forefront of Polish-American cooperation.
Special Thematic Events in NYC
3 industry-dedicated events, held in hand-picked locations around the New York City
Gala Award Ceremony
Our second annual Eagles of Freedom and Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony and the official Gala Dinner.


To facilitate the debate and networking, PALS sessions are divided into three thematic tracks:

#InvestUSA – for Central European businesses looking for investment opportunities and growing their sales in the USA.
Succeeding on America’s $20 trillion market is a challenge, but companies across the 3Seas region are up for the challenge. PALS sessions hash tagged #InvestUSA will deliver specific information on competing and winning in various market sectors in the US. PALS will also promote those businesses, which already contribute to the $43 billion exports from 3Seas countries to the US
#Invest3Seas – for US businesses keen to explore potential markets in Poland & the entire 3Seas region
With over 110 million citizens and nearly 2 trillion in cumulative GDP, the 3Seas region is one of the most promising areas for investment in the world. And if 3Seas is the gateway to Central Europe, then PALS is the key to this gate – we offer dozens of focused business sessions and networking with hundreds of business and administration stakeholders from 3Seas. The #Invest3Seas sessions will provide invaluable insight on market opportunities in the 3Seas region.
#InvestInPartnership – events designed to celebrate and discuss the past and the future of the Strategic Partnership between Poland and the USA.
During the summit in Warsaw in 2017, President Trump declared that America will be the strongest ally and steadfast partner of the truly historic Three Seas initiative. Indeed, the cooperation between the USA and the countries in Central and Eastern Europe has never been more robust, which is the fundament for record-breaking trade - over $40 billion of goods sold by 3Seas in the US and over $18 billion in imports from America. The #InvestInPartnership events will focus on the big picture of future relations and the ways to cement the bond between the US and its Eastern European allies.

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